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Microtrade Group

Microtrade Group founded in April 2012, through the establishment of one of the pioneer ICX provider in Bangladesh. Over the last 5 years through innovation, enthusiasm, steady effort and dedication it extended its business to different sectors such as Mobile Apps & Platform Development, Food Marketing & Manufacturing Industries. Microtrade Group can now proudly declare above 500 employees, staffs and workers are working here.

The Group adhere to international compliance requirements closely, and has taken many social initiatives for the betterment of the lives of its workforce, going even beyond foreign requirements.

Our Concerns

Microtrade ICX

Microtrade ICX is one of the leading Interconnection Exchange Operator in Bangladesh. Microtrade ICX started it's operation in early 2012 with ICX license issued by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to provide Interconnection services in Bangladesh. We route Domestic calls as well as International Incoming and Outgoing calls through International Gate Ways (IGWs).

Microtrade Food & Beverage Limited

Microtrade Food & Beverage Ltd. commonly known as MTFBL is a fast growing food manufacturing companies in Bangladesh established in 25th September 2016. It manufactures a wide and diverse range of food products such as Snacks, Grocery foods and Beverage items.

Invariant Telecom Bangladesh Limited

Invariant Telecom is a technology based company specializing in mobile application and platform. We are building a number of exciting products targeting both the international and the Bangladeshi market, however mainly focusing on the technology sector within Bangladesh.

Paytel Limited

Paytel Limited is a software development company dedicated to creating IT-based products with cutting-edge technologies. We thrive at maintaining high-end quality in all our services including front-end development, back-end development, mobile application development and graphics designing.

Buddy Limited

Buddy Limited is a company devoted to establishing a robust ride-sharing platform. It is equipped with all components required to ensure secure, convenient and affordable rides for the users. Currently, we are serving only the local passengers but we aspire to expand beyond international boundaries.


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